TigerJython Group

History of last updates

Version 2.18.02 [May-14-2020]:
Fixed problem with special characters in the installtion directory
Update of the documentation mbrobot and grobot

Version 2.18.01 [Mar-28-2020]:
Update of some basic libraries in the TigerJython IDE
Update of the modul mbrobot

Version 2.17.00 [Jan-10-2020]:
Optimization of TigerJython IDE

Version 2.16.39 [Dez-10-2019]:
Updates of moduls grobot and calliope

Version 2.16.38 [Oct-03-2019]:
Bugfix font size change (line numbers for multiple open files)
micro:bit Manager revised (improved behavior for MacOS)

Version 2.16.37 [Sept-24-2019]:
Optimization of the program download for micro:bit and mbRobot
Supplements in the ESP module

Version 2.16.35 [Aug-16-2019]:
Optimization of error messages
Added new sprite images
•  Added modul gwindow (gpanel with coordinates -10..10)

Version 2.16.34 [Aug-7-2019]:
Simulation of the EV3 motors
Simulation of the mbRobot motors
•  Additional sensors/actuators for the micro:bit

Version 2.16.33 [July-31-2019]:
LEDs in EV3 simulation mode
Program termination when closing the simulation window
•  Updates of sensor drivers for the micro:bit
•  delay() instead of sleep() in module mbrobot

Version 2.16.32 [July-28-2019]:
Simulation for the micro:bit robot (mbrobot)
•  Simulation for the Lego EV3 robot with global functions (grobot)
•  Terminal window with runtime information for the Lego EV3 in autonomous mode

Version 2.16.26 [June-28-2019]:
Extended support of MQTT for micro:bit and ESP32
•  Supplements in the documentation

Version 2.16.25 [June-10-2019]:
TigerJython IDE also in Italian and Russian
•  Extended support of robotics and IoT with the micro:bit and an ESP32 coprocessor
Extended support of robotics for Lego EV3 and IoT (module grobot with global functions)
Additional menu options
Turtle Graphics: Color values also hexadecimal
New digital signature of the Windows distribution for the next 3 years

Version 2.16.05 [Feb-17-2019]:
•  Fixed crash when importing modules
Extended support for IoT with Oxocard

Version 2.16.02 [Feb-3-2019]:
•  Programming structure "repeat" now also available in modules
New firmware modules for Oxocard for IoT applications