TigerJython Group

Notes on installation under Mac OS

The installation is started by double clicking on the downloaded file TigerJython.dmg. Then drag the blue folder to the desktop or to any folder on your hard disk.

The folder contains the TigerJython.app and the Unlock file, which you can use to remove security protection.  
Right-click on the Unlock file and select "Open with" / "Terminal". If you are working on your MacBook without a mouse, use Ctrl + mouse pad click to open this menu.  

Select "Open" in the following dialogue box. The Unlock file is executed in the terminal window.  

Now you can start TigerJython by clicking on TigerJython.app, or first create an alias and drag it to the desktop.  

The installation protection can also be removed via the security settings. To do this, select "Control Panel"-"Security" in the Aple menu and click on the lock in the lower left to remove the protection.